Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

What a great holiday! Nothing better than to be able to spend some time with family at home for 2 weeks! Although it's not a white Christmas, it's definitely cold this year. It's interesting to watch Kaeden's reaction to everything. He's thoroughly enjoyed all the candy and food we've gotten, loves to take walks and look at all the lights on the houses. The presents, he doesn't get so much other than to play with the packaging and the gifts themselves...

Thank you to everyone who sent cards and packages, we have loved them all! And we are happy to share the latest news, Kaeden's going to have a little brother! If anyone's got name suggestions to go with 'Kaeden' we're taking them! :-)

Happy Holidays to everyone, we love you!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Ward Christmas Party

Tonight was our ward Christmas Party, and it was totally Vegas! We had prime rib with all the fixin's :-) It was fabulous! Kevin was called in to work, so he wasn't able to come, but Kaeden and I did our part to eat his share. The stage was decorated to look like a family room and family pics were taken, the buffet line was totally perfect for our city, and the socializing was great. Kaeden had a few bites of turkey and some mashed potatoes, but he was more interested in watching the other kids run around than anything.

The best part of the night was Santa! All the kids rushed the stage to get to him, and then the adults let the little, little ones go first. I threw Kaeden up there to see what would happen...he's never done Santa before. Below is the video, his face is priceless :-)

He was such a trooper, never actually crying like some kids do, but it might take a year or two before he's happy on that red lap. We came home tired and full, and Kaeden crashed shortly after getting his pj's on, and I had to watch the video and upload for everyone to see before bed for me and baby #2.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Turkey Day Festivities!

What a wonderful weekend! Not only did I get some time off from work (wahoo!) but we drove down to Phoenix to spend the holiday with my family down there. My grandparents hadn't seen Kaeden since he was born, and my Aunt and Uncle and their families hadn't seen him at all. My Mom and Dad also flew down, and Tieg drove over from 29 Palms as a surprise. It was awesome!

I was nervous that Kaeden wouldn't travel well, we drove down and it was the longest he's been in the car seat, but he did great. Everyone was so excited to meet him, and after about 20 minutes he discovered all the new toys and the fountain to play in, so he was great. In fact, he played and played the whole weekend, wearing himself out every day. The food was great, as always, and it was so nice to catch up with the family. My Aunt Tami turned 50 while we were there, so we threw a surprise party for her. She was planning on being in Hawaii for her 50th, but the plans fell through, so we brought Hawaii to her. We set up my grandma's house to be a big luau and, knowing us, had a whole slew of entertainment for the evening. Below is the highlight video...

Tami was totally surprised and loved the whole thing. We were so happy to provide it for her. We were also happy to announce to everyone that we are expecting our 2nd child in May! If this next one turns out anything like Kaeden, what a lucky family we will be!

We did a little Black Friday shopping at Bass Pro Shop, played a few games and ate and ate and ate. By Sunday we had to pack up and head back to Las Vegas, but we all had such a good time. Hope everyone else had such a happy and fun-filled turkey day, too!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Still alive

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know we're still around. Just been busy gearing up for a visit to my Grandparents in Arizona for the holidays. Nothing too special happening. But we'll definetly post for Turkey Day!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Hard to believe that Kaeden was only 2 weeks old this time last year! He slept through the trunk or treat then, he walked around and around and around it this year! Last year he was a pumpkin, this year he was the Incredible Hulk! He didn't mind the costume, but DID NOT like the little hat that went with it. He also liked to carry his little candy basket around, thanks Grandma Great!

We went to our church trunk or treat tonight. There was a chili dinner, games for the kids and then we decorated our trunks and passed out tons of candy. Kaeden actually had a great time...playing with all the rocks :-) He wasn't much interested in the costumes or games, he just wanted to throw rocks all night. He also like to run around the light generator and yell at it, cuz it was making so much noise.

I was super excited to decorate the truck - my brother Tieg left his while he flew to Montana to go hunting, so we had the big black monster truck to use! My good friend Liz and I both put together our pumpkins and some cobwebs, and grabbed some of the old boots Tieg had left in the back to use as decorations and called it good. Actually, I think it turned out pretty good...

Kevin, being the oh-so-festive-loving-one of us was the candy passer-outer while Kaeden and I took our little basket around and trunk or treated. He actually walked most of it, then got a little whiny so I carried him. He was awfully content after that, and I was so into getting candy I didn't notice why for a bit...then I noticed he was slobbering everywhere, and found he had snagged a tootsie pop from the basket and was sucking on it to his hearts content. (Yes, I let my 1 year old eat candy, I'm a bad mom :-) )

By the time all the candy was handed out, we were all ready to go home. We posed for family Halloween pics...

then it was off to give Kaeden a bath to get the sucker out of his hair and off to bed. Hope everyone else had a Happy Halloween, too!

Nevada Day

On October 31st, 1849 Nevada officially became a state. It occurred during the Civil War, and President Lincoln offered it to us because he needed more Union states to fight the Confederates. Anyhow, because of this, the Friday before Halloween is considered a state holiday and we get off from school - wahoo!

This Nevada Day, we carved our Halloween pumpkins. They rot really fast down here due to the heat, so I usually wait until a day or two out from the holiday before we carve. We bought 3 pumpkins, and as Kaeden supervised from his new fort, we carved out some pretty good faces this year...

There weren't a lot of seeds for the pumpkins, which was a bummer, but what I did get got roasted and I'm snacking on now :-)

Today, we're gearing up for trick or treating tonight. Got our costumes all set, and we'll get the pics up as soon as possible...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Kaeden's 1st Birthday

What a week! Kaeden's first birthday was this last Wednesday. He went to the doctor for his shots and measurements - he weighs 23+ pounds and is 30 1/2 inches long. He's healthy as a horse and very happy. We celebrated his birthday today at the park. I invited all his little buddies and families from church and my school to come and eat pizza and cake at the park. It was beautiful weather - 78 degrees - and the park was nearly empty, so we had a great time! Kaeden particularily liked going down the slide, and there were plenty of little buddies to slide with him. Below are a bunch of movies that I took while we were there...

Because Wednesday was his offical birthday, and because I just couldn't wait, we opened one present early. Kaeden loves to pound on things, so when I found that wooden tool bench with the dowels and hammer, I couldn't resist. He loved it! In fact, if either Kevin or I tried to play with it, he got very mad - he didn't want to share for the first time ever! The video below shows his tool bench, plus him opening the presents at the park today. He loved tearing the paper off! I think it's funny how all the other kids wanted to help him, and were so mad that Kevin got to help and they couldn't.

This last video is of everyone singing to Kaeden and him trying his cake. He loved the cookies I had given him earlier, and I didn't doubt that he'd like the cake. What I didn't figure on was how tentative he would be at first. Plus, all the other kids wanted him to just dive in, so he got distracted. I think it's hilarious how he pokes at it with his finger. But the cake he did get on his hands he played with for the next ten minutes...

All in all it was a great 1st birthday party. We sent all the kiddies home with great sugar-highs and brought our own goodies home. Kaeden immediately went around playing with each of his toys til he passed out. Kevin followed shortly after, blissfully snoring on the couch. Now, off to nap-time for me!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gearing up?

Got a box of kitchen stuff from Kevin's brother, who is moving and downsized, so I was going through it and Kaeden loves to play with the packing paper inside. After a little bit, I came to see what he was up to with it, and this is what I found...gearing up for his birthday perhaps? :-)

Monday, September 21, 2009


I love the weekend...just wish it would come more often! Kaeden makes being home very fun. Friday night he had a hard time napping in the afternoon, he just wanted to walk around and play. By 7 pm he was a zombie, but trying so hard to stay awake. Finally he crashed out on the couch...

Saturday was UFC fight night, so we headed over to Lewis' aka Ballpit House! Kaeden had so much fun, again, in the ballpit but also following his good buddy Cayson around and eating crackers. Interesting note...he doesn't like pizza :-(

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Aha Moment...

Why my students are so wacky -

Scenario #1
Classroom conversation:

In science class, there is a human skull on display.

Students ask about, teacher tells how it is a real skull from the ill-fated Donner Party who almost perished in the mountains. Only survivors resorted to cannibalism to do so. Students grossed out, topic dropped.

Parent phone call:

Mother calls absolutely livid -

"My son tells me that the skull of Jeffery Dahmer is in your science class!! Do you know that human spirits live in the skull after death and his evil spirit will possess the students?! GET RID OF THE SKULL!!"

Teacher tries to explain it's a DONNER skull not DAHMER to no avail.

Scenario #2
Classroom conversation:

Mayan calendar is on display.

Students ask about, teacher explains how the Mayans were great mathematicians and calendar was very accurate. So mathematical that they also calculated that the end of the world would happen in 2012. Students laugh about Armageddon-like end of world, topic dropped.

Parent phone call:

Mother calls absolutely livid -

"My daughter told me that her history teacher is telling them the end of the world is coming in 2012 and how they need to commit suicide. WHY ARE YOU TEACHING SUICIDE?"

Teacher makes mental note - NO MORE ITEMS ON DISPLAY!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Kruisin Kaeden

For the past several weeks, Kaeden has been getting more and more comfortable walking on his own. Kevin and I will practice with him, sending him back and forth between us, but usually he get tired quickly. He's more interested in getting somewhere crawling or hanging on to the furniture, although he hardly needs it.

Yesterday, we all went to a dinner with some other families in our ward that have kids all about the same age. There were four families altogether, and the oldest 2 kids were 4 years old. Throughout the night all our kids were really good at playing with each other, and we were so happy to see this. Then the 4 year olds started racing from one room to the next. As they were good at running around the younger kids, we adults didn't mind much. Kaeden got a huge kick out of watching the races, he thought they were so funny. Then he tried to join was hilarious to watch him, huge grin on his face, trying to toddle as fast as he could after the older kids. I was amazed to see him let go of all furniture, both hands up in the air for balance, toddling away. I was a complete bonehead and forgot to grab the camera for this dinner, but I got some video of Kaeden today here at home...I can't believe my baby is now a toddler!! :-)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Doings

What a great weekend - to be able to have all 3 of us together and just relax. Most of it I slept through, but today we wanted to take a family trip. We haven't done many car trips with Kaeden, so we thought it would be fun to head down to Hoover Dam, maybe farther into Arizona to Kingman, spend the day touring around. Didn't quite turn out according to play, though.

One thing about Hoover Dam - it's the only way into Arizona until the big bridge project is finished, so traffic can be horrendous. Today we were hoping most people wouldn't be there, but we were wrong. Besides the 30 minutes it takes to drive there, we found a 45 minute wait to get to the dam, let alone find a parking space and walk the dam, so we turned around.

We pulled over in Boulder City at the A & W for a rootbeer float instead

then headed to the park to cool off and have our family day. It was only 90 out so in the shade it was nice to sit and play. Kaeden sill doesn't like to be on the grass much

but once he found he could climb Mount Daddy, he enjoyed the park, too.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ahhh...the joys of summer

One of the best parts of living in Las Vegas is all the pools! Tons of people we know have them in their yards (I wish we did!!). This last Tuesday our neighbor girl was having a back-to-school-pool-party, and we were invited. Kaeden LOVES to splash in the water. This neighbor is one of his sitters, and they sit him on the top step and he laughs and splashes to his hearts' content. We went to the party, and got to video him enjoying the water.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Going back to school was difficult this year, as I had all summer with Kaeden and didn't want to leave him. However, I've lucked out and had the best sitters volunteer to take him, and Kaeden has loved every minute. He's been making friends left and right. Today at church he saw the Thomas', who have 4 little kids all under five years of age and he just loves. When he saw them he was so excited and crawled right over to play. He also saw his good buddy Luke (Nate & Jaime's son) and wanted to play with him, too. I get the biggest kick out of how excited he is when he sees his friends, and we're making more as we go. As Kaeden and Luke were playing at church today, another baby crawled over to play, too. We've already started setting up playdates so the boys can play and play.

Last night we were invited to watch the UFC fight at yet another friends' house. Cayson is 3 months older than Kaeden and just had his birthday party, and one of his gifts was a miniature ball pit. It was the hit of the night with the boys! Cayson likes to climb all around and jump into the pit, Kaeden was content to just surround himself with the balls and chew or throw. It was hilarious to see him lay down on his back, arms and legs sprawled, and close his eyes with the biggest grin on his face!! Below is the video of them playing...

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Hooray for football season! We're getting Kaeden started good and young (sorry to Kevin and his Vikings!)

Split the uprights!!

Practicing our dive into the endzone.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

End of Summer

Sigh...the only way to know that the summer has been a good one is by how fast it has gone by, and this one flew! It was so nice to be able to stay home with Kaeden, to visit my folks in Montana and just have family time all around. Now that school is starting again, I thought I'd post some favorite pics from the summer and some recent ones of Kaeden playing...

I love this pic, if you look closely, you can see his two top teeth and four bottoms! A rare sighting to see all six.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Curly Top

Okay,so maybe I have a bit too much time on my hands, but Kaeden and I have been playing this evening and we had some girly-hair-time. You all know that I've got naturally curly hair (thanks mom!!) and Kaeden got the hair, too. Usually I brush it strait after a bath, but when he's hot the back curls right up. I got curious, and pulled out my mousse and gel, and this is what we got...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Best

Normally I go through Kaeden's closet on a regular basis, keeping his clothing sizes up to date. Over the summer, however, I've been letting him crawl around in just a diaper, and so my clothes-awareness has been a little lax. As today was Sunday, I was excited to be able to dress him in a cute argile sweater outfit, only to put it on and discover I'd waited too long. He could wear it today, but after that I'd have to pack Kevin pulled out the camera and snapped some picks, so we could share the limited-time cuteness with everyone.

I just noticed that with the brown of his pants and the brown of the wall, and the large lapels (cuz I couldn't button the shirt all the way up, it was too small) he totally looks like he was born in the 70's! Now I have to pull out pics of Kevin going to church as a baby and see how it matches!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Beautiful Day

I've been thinking of doing a little gardening ever since I saw mom's flowers on our Montana trip, and today was the day! Went to Home Depot, got some flowers that do well in the desert heat and spent the afternoon turning dirt and planting. It's no Bellagio Conservatory, but it's a little something to make the front of my house look nice. And today was a little cooler, so Kaeden and I sat out on the front stoop afterwards and watched the cars drive by, he with paci in hand and me with otter pop. What a good day!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Montana 09

It's been quite the 10 ten days! Grandma and Grandpa Gibbs have been enjoying the company of their little grandson Kaeden, although it's been a rollercoaster. Kaeden started teething right before we got here, and we've been swimming in orajel ever since we landed, but they have taken it all in stride.

Grandma gave Kaeden full access to her tupperware cupboard, and he banged his way through her bowls. She would sit in the living room, building up a bowl tower and Kaeden would knock it all down with a huge grin. Grandpa would take Kaeden out to help 'supervise' fixing little things or driving in the Ranger. Kaeden became his little shadow, zeroing in on Grandpa whenever he spoke or walked in the room. Grandpa's is the only lap that Kaeden will sit still on for an extended period of time and the best at walking him to sleep come naptime.

Grandma and I would go to the Metcalf Reserve for evening walks, and got to see all the wildlife. It's just not a trip to MT withough a deer bounding across the path. We also had a heck of a thunderstorm that helped to cool things down. The lightning was striking right overhead, but Kaeden wasn't frightened, he just watched as the light flashed and the rain thundered down. It was great after all the non-rain of Vegas!

I always knew Kaeden was a truck-boy, he loves to watch them drive by at home, but here I'd put him in the back of Taury's truck and he loved to walk around the edge, watching whatever he could and be totally happy. Best playpen there is - watch out Taury, I think he's ready to take over! :-)

We got Kaeden all dolled up for Pioneer Day festivities - that's the whole reason I come to Montana the end of July, to play fiddle in our family band at the shindig at the church. We play songs like Redwing, Cripple Creek (those who've heard us know the tunes!) and Kaeden got to watch us this year, and was so good just watching. He especially loved walking around on the grass. We don't have grass at our house in Vegas, so it took a while before he's walk on it, but he took off at the church pavilion!

He also took off in his walking! He's been taking steps on his own, and standing on his own while here. It's been fun to sit with Grandma, having him walk back and forth. So far the record is 5 solo steps.

The video is just a snippet of what we did, but shows how much fun we had and how much Kaeden has grown in the past few weeks. (there is music for it, so pause the blog music at the bottom to hear) We've had so much fun playing and growing, it's hard to say good bye. Can't wait to come back again next year!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ground Control...

Kaeden and I are visiting my parents in Montana this week, and it's been a great couple days so far. We flew, and Kaeden did really well on the flight. We left at 6 am, so he slept for part of it, and the flight wasn't full so we took over the back half of the plane to crawl around in and yell over the sound of the engines and not bug anybody. When we got to Montana my parents were so excited to show Kaeden all the toys they had gotten for him. He liked the keychain and the stuffed animals, but the hit of the day was the airplane push-walker.

Technically, Kaeden is supposed to push himself on the plane, but his feet don't touch the ground (takes after me) or he can use it to learn to walk on by holding on to that yellow handle in the back. However, he LOVED being pushed around by us so much that we have to hide it when we're tired of pushing! :-)

As a joke to 'properly equip' Kaeden, Dad pulled out the bike helmet, thinking that it'd be way to big for Kaeden, but when he put it on he was blown away that it was just about right! We couldn't resist putting Kaeden back on the airplane with his full gear on.

Uncle Burke, Aunt Kristy, cousin Quincy and Great-Grandma Joan stopped by to say hello to Kaeden, too, but they were camera shy. It was good to see them, be able to catch up, it's been a long time!

Mom's been cooking and baking up a storm, so we're well fed and Kaeden loves all the space he has to crawl/walk around in - we're loving our trip to Montana!

Monday, July 20, 2009

There's a first time for everything...

As the weather has been milder (yeah right - as if 92 was mild!!) we've been venturing outstide a bit more. Actually, because we've had some rain clouds moving in, the breeze blowing through has made it seem like it's cooler :-) Anyhow, Kevin and I have been taking advantage of the weather and trying to get out more with Kaeden. After Lake Las Vegas this weekend we headed over to the park, trying out Kaeden on the swings. I actually took video then went back to grab some stills, cuz the looks on his face are priceless!!

We also had his 9 month check up today - no surprise Kaeden's in the 90th percentile for everything, height, weight and head. He's healthy as can be, and the doc says to feed him more babyfood and less formula and water at night so maybe he'll sleep through the night already (fingers crossed). So today, after the park, instead of his lunchtime bottle I grabbed the carrots instead.

Typically I've been very proud of the fact that Kaeden is a clean eater. He gets food around his mouth, sure, but otherwise I've rarely had to wipe down the high chair - until today. He's been trying to suck his thumb mid-bite the last couple days, and today was no exception. Only this time, he successfully got a mouthful of thumb and carrot, and it went all downhill from there!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Holy Hotness Batman!!

I'm sure it's been more than unusually hot for everyone, but in Vegas that means triple digits - and we've had over 100 days for the past two weeks. It's 100 by 8 am and stays that way until close to 10 or 11 at night. Rough! We've been holed up in the house during this mega-heat wave, until today. It actually clouded over and rained a little! Not much, but the cloud cover offered us a brief respite from the 110 degree day it was (dropped down to 104) so Kevin and I packed Kaeden up and went for a drive. We drove down to Lake Las Vegas, a man-made lake with resorts being built all around it. With the breeze blowing it wasn't so bad walking around, looking at all the people swimming and on private beaches, the golf course and the resort grounds. We stopped for a bit to sit in the grass - which was Kaeden's first time in grass!

Crazy, he's 9 months and has yet to be in grass, but true. Whenever we go by the park it's at night on our walk, and he's usually asleep in the stroller by the time we get there. So, we sat down and let him walk in the grass...and he immediately picked up all his limbs, refusing to put them down on the pokey stuff! He had a look of complete disgust on his face. We laughed and laughed, tried to sit him down and he'd just look at you like you're torturing him. When we had him walk (holding a finger) he picked his feet up so fast, he barely touched the ground! To his credit, I even thought the grass was rather pokey, but it was so great to lay down on it and have a cool back and smelled wonderful. Kevin and I decided we miss not only the green but the ability to just sit down in it for awhile.

We left Lake Las Vegas and headed up to the Temple. I've not been there since we moved so Kevin (ever thoughtful guy he is) took us there. Not much grounds to just walk around on, so we drove through the parking lot and then took a pic. By then we were all hungry and Kaeden's cheeks were thoroughly red and hot, his hair all wet and curly, so we called it a day and headed home. But boy, was it great to get outside for a little while!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Shark Reef Adventure

My good friend Anne-Marie and her family moved to Las Vegas almost a year ago, and yesterday we were able to get together to go see the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay! I love the Shark Reef for two reasons: 1) for a small aquarium it's got some great attractions, like the sharks and 2) because I'm a teacher me and a guest get in for free! So we didn't have to pay a thing to go see it - and we had a great afternoon! I had so much fun being with Mason and Brooklyn (Anne-Marie's kids) cuz it showed me where I'll be in a few years with my own kids, and I love being able to walk around and listen to them call for Nemo and see how fascinated they are by all the big fish. Brooklyn was a pro with the self-tour wand. She would ask what number the tank was and then punch it in and listen to the man talk about those fish. It was hilarious to see her walking around with that wand to her ear!

Kaeden didn't want to stay in his stroller, he wanted to watch all the fish too, so I carried him most of the time and he just looked and looked. He particularly liked the tunnel where the fish swam all the way around him. He laughed and talked a lot in there. At the end is a fake shipwreck with plexiglas in the holes of the hull, and people get to stand and watch all the super huge sharks and turtle and sting rays swim by. I had Kaeden lean against the plexiglass, but he didn't like it much, couldn't see what he was leaning on.

The Shark Reef is a great way to kill an hour, or an afternoon in our case, and I think everyone had a great time, I know I did! Kaeden was ravenous when we got to the car and downed a bottle and a half, then crashed for 3 hours, so I know he had a good time!! I'm so glad I got to go with such great friends!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fireworks and Visitors

Oh how I love the 4th of July!! It has got to be one of my favorite holidays of the year, and it officially marks my 1 year anniversary for blogging! This was the first event I talked about, mostly cuz I was pregnant. This year I was particularly excited cuz my baby was outside the womb and we were going to have a barbeque with some friends of ours in the neighborhood. We had food and festivities all planned, and then the plans fell through. I have to admit, I was really bummed. I was determined to still have a good time with just my little portion of the bbq food and my little family, but my heart hurt a little.

Then, low and behold, my Marine brother Tieg comes knocking on my door! He was in town for the weekend and stopped by! Totally changed my day and made it the best! We took Tieg's new truck to grab a bite for lunch, had fun talking and playing with Kaeden and watching movies.

As dusk fell I pulled out my bbq fixings - hot dogs and pasta salad and sugar cookies with flags in the middle. I don't have a grill so I seared the dogs in a frying pan but the boys ate them just the same! Then we grabbed our traditional root beer and bag of cherries and headed outside for some fireworks!! That's my favorite part of the evening. From sparklers to fountains to big bangs, it's such a colorful night.

Tok loved jumping at the lights at first, then he got a little scorched and watched from behind us. Kaeden skipped his afternoon nap and so was pretty worn out by night's end, but watched all the lights as long as he could. Didn't care for the screaming sounds as much, but we all had such a good time! (Note: there is music with the video below, so if you'd like the maximum effect, turn off the blog music to hear! And watch for Tieg's dancing in the middle-makes me laugh every time!)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy 'Da Da Da Da' Day!!

Hooray for dads! We had a fun day playing with our newest dad, Kevin! Candy from church, orange julius with lunch (free today!) and playing at the park. Thanks for all you do for us Dad!!

And special wishes from your very talkative son... :-)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Marine Corps Visitor

As many of you know, both my brothers are in the military. Taury is in the Army, training in Texas. Tieg is in the Marines, and just returned from his first tour in Iraq. He was given leave for a few weeks and returned to Montana. While there he bought a new truck and so he drove back to 29 Palms instead of flying. Las Vegas just happens to be on the way, so he stopped by for the night and to see us all. I was so excited!! Tieg is such a great, funny kid, and I hadn't seen him in almost a year! He joined us at PF Changs for our anniversary dinner, and then we all played with Kaeden at the house. Tieg couldn't believe how big Kaeden is (no one ever can! he's the biggest baby on the block!) and Kaeden instantly took to Tieg. I am so glad he stopped by..I love you bro!