Saturday, March 26, 2011

Growing boys

They get so big so fast!

Kai is getting 6 teeth at once! You'd never know it, he is really happy and only gets fussy about eating solid foods if it isn't cold. Otherwise, we catch a glimpse of those pearly whites when he smiles really big.

Kaeden loves to mimic - dancing, talking, singing, and anything he sees on tv. When the bugs in 'Bugs Life' run, he runs. When George in 'Curious George' sleeps, Kaeden climbs under the covers on the couch. He particularly loves when George immitates the animals, which is what he is mimicking in the video below.

Both boys love to play outside, and with the weather warming up, it's great to be able to just open the door and let them go. Kaeden is particularly daring in his sliding, and Kai is fearless on it too. When we go to the park, Kai practically climbs out of my lap if I don't sit down fast enough to take him! He also loves the wind blowing in his face, and will sit in front of the fan on purpose to get it to blow on him. (I think Tok may have been giving him pointers on the finer things in life :-) )