Saturday, March 10, 2012

Kaeden's First Talk

Kaeden is officially a Sunbeam at church (the 3-4 year old Sunday School class). Although the first day was difficult, he didn't want to leave the nursery with all the toys, he loves it now, always asking if it's time to go to 'Sunbeans' after we take the Sacrament.

This last month, all the Sunbeams were asked to participate in Primary, giving talks, saying the theme and saying the prayers. Kaeden was asked to give a talk, and so I put together a little poem with some pictures and we practiced saying it to Daddy and Kai. On the Sunday he was to speak, we even left Sacrament Meeting a little early so he could stand at the podium and practice. I thought he'd have a hard time getting up in front of everyone, talking into the mic, but boy, did he love every second of it! He knew just what to do, climbing right up the steps, adjusting the mic and took right off with his talk. Our practice session was great, and I got it, as well as the actual talk, on video :-)