Sunday, January 23, 2011

Winter Catch-up

So it's been forever since I last blogged, but a lot has been happening! First of all, Christmas - this year we drove up to Montana for a visit with my family. We split the drive up into 2 days. First day we drove to Brigham City, then spent the night with my girlfriend from college, Jessica Pooley. This was an awesome stop - got to see her, got to eat at Old Grist Mill (best sandwich shop ever) and Kaeden got to play in the snow for the first time in his life (sad, I know). I was scared that he'd hate it, but he LOVED it! Laughed whenever Kevin dropped snow on his head, and was all about eating it!

Here are some pics from Brigham...

The second day of our trip we drove from Brigham to my parents in Montana. The boys were troopers this whole time, and I was nervous they would be ornery. This was the longest trip we had ever driven before. Kai was actually really awesome considering he was strapped down, which he hates, and had an ear infection. Kaeden was also a gem cuz my good friend Emily let us borrow her portable dvd player. Aside from watching Buzz Lightyear 90 billion times, the whole drive went really well!

It was a ton of fun to be back in the Rockies, and with my family, too. Both Taury and Tieg were able to make it up for the holiday. That's the first time in 3 years we've all been together! Mom had tons of fun stuff planned: decorating cookies, a Loser's Club party, playing outside, and playing inside. Kaeden, of course, wanted to play anything that has a ball, and Grandma was a great sport, letting him throw balls in the house, play on her saddle, and generally make a great 2-year-old mess of things! (I think she loved every minute of it, too). Kaeden also had a blast playing with his Uncles. Taury would throw the football with him, play swords with him, and Tieg would wrestle and play ball, too.

And of course, we had to play outside in the snow. Kaeden loved to be pulled on the sled to go see the "moo" every day, and loved to help Grandpa clear the driveway of snow. He's such a good little helper!

Kai was also a little cutie. He has grown so much in the last few months, and was way bigger this time around, my folks hadn't seen him since he was born. As the highest temp the entire time we were there was 18 (ouch!) and we didn't have much in the way of warm clothes (Las Vegas, baby!) Mom broke out his Christmas clothes a little early so we could keep him warm. His little cowboy boots are the best!

Christmas Day was a blast - up and ready to unwrap presents. Everyone got great gifts, and it was awesome to watch Kaeden get into opening and playing with each one.

It was a great trip, and hard to come back to reality after that. But, we must get back to the salt mines!