Wednesday, April 14, 2010

When you can't...

When you can't fit in the high chair, you graduate to the big-boy-booster! (Thanks Grandma Christenson!)

When you can't find the right toy, just jump in and enjoy them all!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Break

For Spring Break this year my folks came down to help us work on the house. We've slowly been redoing it (mostly just the tearing down part). My grandparents from Phoenix couldn't miss the opportunity to come and visit with everyone, so we had a full house :-)

Family who couldn't come wanted to see the latest in Kai's development, so here ya go...

Mom and Dad slept in Kaeden's room, and our room was full of boxes, so Kevin and Kaeden got to bunk together in the living room...

The best part about having my mom and grandma here is the cooking! They always bring food with them and cook up a storm while here, so we ate like kings.

Kaeden was great at helping everyone get their fill...

We also got to meet up with my dad's sister, Shanne, and her daughter Mandy, who were in town for Spring Break. They came to dinner with us at Claim Jumper.

So many choices on the menu! Everyone got a little something, and dug in. I had to get my Motherlode sandwich again - the thing is 8 inches tall!! I had sandwiches for several days afterward :-) From fish to pasta, ribs to pot pie, everyone was stuffed with delicious food. I think the company was better than the food, but we still thoroughly enjoyed everything, as you can tell from our faces (Mom and I are cut from the same mold I think, ha ha) They had not been before, and it was such a great menu we'll definately be coming back next time!

Mom and Grandma were also able to come to my babyshower. They were thrilled to meet some of the great friends I've got here in Vegas, as well as put names to faces as I talk about them all the time. It was an open house shower, so no games just lots of great food and friends who could make it on break. We also did a little baby shopping of our own, getting some bedding and accessories for the new little one.

My Grandparents left Saturday, but Mom and Dad stuck around, helping clean the yard up and get some things done around the house...

Kaeden was always in the thick of things, wanting to help any way he could.

Unfortunately, that also meant he took a tumble and bonked his head big time...what a goose-egg he got from the concrete!

but it didn't keep him down for more than five minutes, he was running around like crazy, happy to be outside and helping.

Mom and Dad were happy to be here, helping and playing with Kaeden. We were sad to see them go. I've got video of them all playing, but seeing as how this post it a book, I'll post the video next time!