Wednesday, October 29, 2008

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Everyone has been awaiting the cute baby pics - here they are! Starting in the hospital, taking him home, and meeting Grandma and Grandpa Gibbs - here is Kaeden Christenson!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Kaeden Gabriel

Hello all!!

I'm back, and I'm not alone! Finally, after months of anticipation, our little one arrived! I went in Monday evening for an induction, Tuesday morning started the pitocin, but baby didn't respond well so we had to have a c-section to get him out. Turns out he was too big for me anyway, tipping the scales at 8 lbs 11 oz.

I spent the rest of the week in the hospital getting over the cutting me open part (Kevin watched, he said it was brutal!) and just bonding with the baby. It's been so great to finally have him, and be a mommy. We named him Kaeden Gabriel (like hayden but with a k) and he is the best baby ever! I'll have pictures posted in a little while. Just wanted to let everyone know.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

still waiting...

no baby yet...although he's very active. likes to roll around in my tummy. that's about the only activity. i go in for an induction on tuesday if he hasn't made an appearance by then.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

nothing yet...

Hey everyone - just wanted to let you know that the baby has decided to stay where he is at a while longer. Been doing lots of walking and driving down bumpy roads, but he is taking his sweet time. Keep your fingers crossed that he comes soon...we're ready!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go...

Everytime I have tried to call someone this last week, I've had to begin our conversations with "I'm not in labor..." I had to just stop calling people to chat cuz everyone was getting so excited. I've got 20 hours or so until my due date, but there's no action yet. The last doctor visit showed he's dropping, but likes his current surroundings so there's no effacing or dilating yet. Sorry.

I, however, am ready. My bag is packed, the baby's bag is packed, all the baby accessories have been checked off my list, my last day at work was Friday, I'm pre-registered at the hospital, I have a pediatrician - I'm all set, I just neet a baby!

I haven't hit the 'I'm tired of being pregnant' phase yet, but I'm so excited to be a mom, and I want to stick to my date plan - Kevin's birthday is on a 10th, mine is on an 11th, we were married on a 12th, and this kid is due on the 13th - it's perfect! He's gotta stick to the plan... :-)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Pregnancy 101

With only a week left (fingers crossed!!) I've been contemplating the things I have learned about being pregnant - and created a little list of observations about my state of affairs the last nine months. Enjoy!

10. Most people could eat and eat while pregnant - I have not been so fortunate and have had to moderate my eating (those who know my eating habits before pregnancy can mourn my lack of appetite with me). I can't wait to be able to finish a full meal again!!

9. During morning sickness, or as I called it All Day Sickness, always make sure to eat things that taste good going both ways.

8. Sleeping is non-existant at this point. And with the baby fussing and Kevin working nights, sleeping will remain non-existant until I'm dead.

7. Swollen feet just hit, as well as swollen fingers, and they are not comfortable. If I dared walk around my classroom bare-foot, I totally would.

6. For the first time ever, Kevin is turning up the air conditioning! I can't get enough cold air and our poor AC bill is horrible - never good to be pregnant during a summer in Vegas!

5. Thank heaven for post its, or I would never know what I need to do during the day - both at school and at home. If I don't write it down, I can't remember it to save my life. I now know what a goldfish feels like!

4. The best foods in the world - pickles and ice cubes (Not necessarily together). And the best ice cubes are the little circular pieces that no one ever seems to use anymore...sniff...

3. I have a reserved stall in the bathroom at school - can't wait to be able to pee longer than 3 seconds at a time. If ever you wonder where Ticey (or Mrs. Christenson as I am known there) is, check the nearest restroom.

2. Anything dropped on the floor will live there until someone else comes along to pick it up. At school this is not that much of a problem, I can guilt the kids into picking up anything for me - at home, not so much. (Kevin will help put my shoes and socks on though, he's sweet).

1. I am now so used to having my belly jump around on its own it will be weird to have it be still, and have something in my lap instead!

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