Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

What a great holiday! Nothing better than to be able to spend some time with family at home for 2 weeks! Although it's not a white Christmas, it's definitely cold this year. It's interesting to watch Kaeden's reaction to everything. He's thoroughly enjoyed all the candy and food we've gotten, loves to take walks and look at all the lights on the houses. The presents, he doesn't get so much other than to play with the packaging and the gifts themselves...

Thank you to everyone who sent cards and packages, we have loved them all! And we are happy to share the latest news, Kaeden's going to have a little brother! If anyone's got name suggestions to go with 'Kaeden' we're taking them! :-)

Happy Holidays to everyone, we love you!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Ward Christmas Party

Tonight was our ward Christmas Party, and it was totally Vegas! We had prime rib with all the fixin's :-) It was fabulous! Kevin was called in to work, so he wasn't able to come, but Kaeden and I did our part to eat his share. The stage was decorated to look like a family room and family pics were taken, the buffet line was totally perfect for our city, and the socializing was great. Kaeden had a few bites of turkey and some mashed potatoes, but he was more interested in watching the other kids run around than anything.

The best part of the night was Santa! All the kids rushed the stage to get to him, and then the adults let the little, little ones go first. I threw Kaeden up there to see what would happen...he's never done Santa before. Below is the video, his face is priceless :-)

He was such a trooper, never actually crying like some kids do, but it might take a year or two before he's happy on that red lap. We came home tired and full, and Kaeden crashed shortly after getting his pj's on, and I had to watch the video and upload for everyone to see before bed for me and baby #2.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Turkey Day Festivities!

What a wonderful weekend! Not only did I get some time off from work (wahoo!) but we drove down to Phoenix to spend the holiday with my family down there. My grandparents hadn't seen Kaeden since he was born, and my Aunt and Uncle and their families hadn't seen him at all. My Mom and Dad also flew down, and Tieg drove over from 29 Palms as a surprise. It was awesome!

I was nervous that Kaeden wouldn't travel well, we drove down and it was the longest he's been in the car seat, but he did great. Everyone was so excited to meet him, and after about 20 minutes he discovered all the new toys and the fountain to play in, so he was great. In fact, he played and played the whole weekend, wearing himself out every day. The food was great, as always, and it was so nice to catch up with the family. My Aunt Tami turned 50 while we were there, so we threw a surprise party for her. She was planning on being in Hawaii for her 50th, but the plans fell through, so we brought Hawaii to her. We set up my grandma's house to be a big luau and, knowing us, had a whole slew of entertainment for the evening. Below is the highlight video...

Tami was totally surprised and loved the whole thing. We were so happy to provide it for her. We were also happy to announce to everyone that we are expecting our 2nd child in May! If this next one turns out anything like Kaeden, what a lucky family we will be!

We did a little Black Friday shopping at Bass Pro Shop, played a few games and ate and ate and ate. By Sunday we had to pack up and head back to Las Vegas, but we all had such a good time. Hope everyone else had such a happy and fun-filled turkey day, too!