Friday, February 27, 2009

Family and Basketball

4 month update: 26 inches long, 19 lbs!! What a chunk!!

My cousin Mandy Munns got a full ride scholarship to play basketball for the University of Utah. She's 6'4" tall and a super player, so it only makes sense. (She's the tall one below!)

Utah came to Vegas to play UNLV, so the Munns family came down to watch and gave us a call. We met for dinner at In & Out Burger, then headed to the Cox Pavilion to enjoy the game.

Mandy didn't get to play this game, and it was a rough one for Utah - they lost by 12points, their 2nd loss of the season. However, we had an awesome time laughing, talking and snapping pics.

Kaeden had a good time, too. He was happy as he could be, loved to 'dance' to the band music, and even had a nap in the midst of it all!

After the game, we waited for Mandy. She had seen us in the crowd, and was happy to see us there. She got to hold Kaeden, too. She loved him rockin the Adidas. I think all the Munns were blown away by how big he is!

Utah will be back in town next month for a Tournament, so we'll be seeing the Munns again, and every year for the next 3 with Mandy on the team. I'm excited, I love you guys!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

V-Day Friends

For Valentine's Day, we went over to our friends, Greg and Tamia Lindo. Greg just bought a new plasma tv and Kevin helped him mount it on their wall. As a thank you, they fed us dinner - yummy pot roast! While the guys were measuring and building, Kaeden and I played with their kids, Noah and Naiyana.

Actually, they played with Kaeden. They think he is the greatest toy ever! They 'mother' him constantly, making sure he is smiling, has his paci or blanket or whatever. They love to kiss his cheeks (which everyone does!) and whenever he gets fussy, they both come over and say 'don't cry, it's okay.' I think it's really cute the way they fuss over him themselves.

When he was being particularly quiet, Naiyana decided to read a book to him.

When the tv was all hooked up we were watching the basketball allstar hoops contest, and waiting for the roast to finish cooking. Kevin had a class of pop in hand, and Kaeden was very interested!

He was actually just licking the outside of the glass, but he loved it!! It was fun to spend the evening with them, and we love their new tv!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Heart My Cupid!!

Valentine's Day has not always been my favorite - before marriage I called it 'Single Awareness Day.' Now that I'm married, it's more fun, but at the same time I always thought getting flowers as a surprise any other day of the year would be even more appreciated (hint hint Kevin :-)) As a teacher, this day has gotten more fun cuz my kids bring me lots of chocolate and candy. But now that I have a cute little chubby cherub, I'm loving it. Today I had Kevin take several pics of us together to share with everyone...

Aren't those cheeks just to die for?! Num num num!! (His, not mine :-)

We still go through quite the song and dance to get Kaeden to look in the direction of the camera, let alone smile for it. I've been lucky to get the shots I do - he's got camera radar and is so sober-faced when it's trained on him, we gotta be sneaky! We love him though!