Monday, May 17, 2010

Kai James Christenson

Kevin and I are pleased to announce that our newest son, Kai, is here!

Home, healthy and happy, as are we. He was born Tuesday May 11 at 7:57 am, 7 lbs 11 ounces (a full pound lighter than Kaeden!) and was 20 inches long. We were in good hands at the hospital until Saturday morning, and then came home for the next 18 years :-)

The delivery went well, I recovered more slowly this time, and find it difficult not to be able to pick up Kaeden for the time being, but all in all we're great. Kaeden had no trouble adapting to having a new little brother, he is quite the little helper.

He always lets us know when Kai is crying, runs to him and pats his belly until he stops, or tries to give him a paci or a toy to make him happy.

He likes to help with diaper changing and feeding whenever possible.

I think he is gonna be a great big brother, and am happy to have a little brother for him to eventually rough house with :-)

Kevin's mom is in town to help us out. Kevin had a couple days off while I was in the hospital, but returned to work today, so it's nice to have her around, doing all the heavy lifting (literally!) I'm happy to sit back and watch Kaeden, hold Kai and just enjoy loving my family of boys :-)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Day Before Brother Comes...

I can't believe it, but the time has come for us to be a family of four! Today was my first day of maternity leave, meaning I had to get all my last minute items crossed off my list and spend some quality time with Kaeden. Most of the list went out the window as I just enjoyed playing with my firstborn. He is such a happy little boy, so energetic and ready to laugh. We are truly blessed to have him in our family and as our first go-round with parenting, he has spoiled us. I hope this next one is as nice to us :-)

In preparation for me not being able to spend as much one-on-one time with Kaeden, and because he loves to be outside so much, we bought him a little playset. He loves it! The first day it was set up he didn't want to go to bed, he just cried and cried when we had to come in for the night. He loves the slide and to have something to climb around on. We also got a swing, but have yet to hang it - it's a few feet short of our beam in the front porch, so Kevin will have to get some rope and a hook, but once that swing is up, we'll never get him to come inside!

I can't wait to have two little boys - I hope everything goes well tomorrow. We'll get pics up as soon as I am home and able to get on the computer again (give me a week!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


I may have the sumo belly, but it's my boys who have got the sumo moves!!