Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hi Ho, Hi Ho

I always call Kaeden my little hobbit, but lately he's been like a little Snow White dwarf, always wanting to help me. Pics are blurry cuz he moves a lot, but you get the idea.

Friday, March 12, 2010


We think Kaeden has begun the next stage of teething, he's been so drooly and crabby lately. Then, yesterday he started to run a temperature, 101+ and he had a tough time sleeping, he'd get so hot. Kevin was so great, getting up with him. Kaeden is obsessed with sleeping on the couch, usually curled up around a pillow. Kevin was up with him for an hour or two last night, just holding him and waiting for him to fall back asleep. Normally I'd be the one up (still in that wake-up-whenever-I-hear-him-make-a-noise stage) but being up early for work and pregnant, I can't do it so much. When I came home from work today, this is how I found my beloved boys...

So cute! Just hope Kaeden cuts this tooth fast and gets back to his usual happy-go-lucky self (and I'm sure Kevin would appreciate a full nights sleep again - they are getting numbered!)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Kaeden has been a riot these past few weeks. He is very into copying Kevin and myself lately, as well as helping and doing things himself. Sigh...he's growing up :-) Favorite things: cleaning, cooking, feeding himself, building and knocking over blocks. He's really funny.

Whenever I cook he needs a spoon and pot of his own to stir. He sits on the floor making all sorts of noise while I get dinner ready. If I bake he needs his own oven mitts, but is very good about not getting in the way when the oven opens (one burnt finger was all it took to cure him of that curiosity!).

When I clean, he also follows me around, imitating what I do. When I dust, he needs his own 'duster' and he goes back over the piano or the tv or shelves like I do, although we also need to stop a game of 'hi-ya' from breaking out (that's swords for those of you who don't speak Kaeden). The only thing he doesn't like is the vacuum - he runs to the couch and puts his fingers over his ears until I'm done. Lately he's been trying to pull the cord out of the outlet if he thinks I take too long...gotta watch him!

Feeding himself has been fun to watch. The video is first he just wanted to play with the spoon, but his aim is getting better and better!

Kaeden also loves to play with shoes. He's getting good at putting mine on my feet and tries very hard to put his own on, but the angles are a little rough still. He is quite the shoe thief, you leave yours on the floor, he'll end up walking around in them...

Today he started giving kisses...he purses his lips and leans forward, making the 'mmmm-wah' sound as he hits your cheeks or lips. He'll do this multiple times, pausing in between for you to lean forward and kiss him back. He laughs and laughs during the whole thing...totally makes my day!