Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Spooky Day! I was so excited to be able to have Kaeden do so much for this holiday (it's my favorite!). Especially since he was sick and missed his birthday. I knew that he was going to be a football player for awhile, it totally makes sense cuz it's his favorite thing. I found a great little generic jersey and shorts, we had plenty of balls to use, and my mom sent him a box of goodies for his birthday, which included a Chicago Bears hat, so his outfit was complete :-)

Kai was a pumpkin, the hat left over from Kaeden's first Halloween when he was a week old (and it didn't fit his ginormous head, either!) He was obsessed with the pumpkins after we were done carving them, so it was a good choice for him, too. As you can see in the pic, Kaeden's was a football pumpkin, and mine was a kitty. Kevin's still sits on the counter, waiting to be carved...

We had spent a few days practicing 'Trick or Treat,' saying it to me, and I even took him outside to try and practice knocking on the door and saying it, but that turned into a driver's ed lesson...

We went to our ward's Halloween Carnival on Saturday. There were several booths of games, a cake walk, a photographer, and of course tons of food. Kaeden was really into the games, and any game that had a ball he was involved in, usually in the way as he just wanted to throw the ball over and over. The only candy he was interested in was a sucker, so I 'held on' to his candy bars while he chowed down on any sucker he could get his hands on. He tried the cake walk, and was confused by walking in the circle, but was all about getting the cupcake with a sucker on it. I graciously held on to his cupcake for him, too. Kai was a hit with all the young women, and he made the rounds, smiling and giggling with all the girls. He's gonna be a heartbreaker!

After the Carnival we went to the parking lot for a small Trunk or Treat. Kai and I passed out the candy while Kevin took Kaeden around. I think it scared him a little, all those bigger kids running around, but he got a decent basket of candy.

Sunday I wanted to take him around the neighborhood, Trick or Treating for real. We went through the day without a nap however, so we only made it down the block 4 houses and he had conked out. Kai was still up, and as they were strapped into the strollers, we walked around the block, visited a few friends houses to say hi, then came home and went to bed.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Kaeden!

I can't believe that my little boy is 2! It's been such a fast two years, and he has grown so much. I'll never forget the excitement of going to the hospital, awaiting the arrival of my little baby boy, of seeing his little face peeked over the surgery drape in the delivery room, and holding my much-bigger-than-expected baby in my arms! Always a happy baby, he is now a happy little kid! With big brown eyes and brown curly hair, a great laugh, a huge smile and always ready to help or play, Kaeden we are so happy to have you in our family!

This week was kinda rough - Kaeden got really sick with the croup. Not fun when it's the rainiest week of the year, and your birthday too. We had to cancel his party at the park due to the rain and his illness, so we just had a little party here at home. Kaylee Thorne made his cake, and we just had a few gifts to play with this morning.

The golf clubs were the hit of the day. He didn't even want to put on his clothes, just go outside in his pajamas to play. Since it was his 'party' we let him, and he was out there a good hour and a half, whacking away at the golf balls!

He also got his first pair of real tennis shoes, not sandals. He LOVES them! Every morning when he wakes up he has to put them on. He lifts his knees higher when he runs with them on, which always makes me laugh.

We also took away his paci, which didn't go so well last night before bed, but during the day he seems to be okay without. He asks for it occasionally, but it's mostly just the comfort of it at night that he misses the most. (It actually went a ton better than I thought to take it away, that thing was a must in his comfort-kit!) He got his 2 year check up at the doctor, and besides his croup is just fine. He weighs 31 lbs, is 35 inches tall and has a huge dome at 50 cm around! He got all his shots, and now we are looking at coming back for his school shots (which I still can't imagine my little man in school yet!)

Kai also got his check up, and is 15 lbs, 25 inches long, and 42 cm around his head. He is also very healthy and happy. He didn't take to the shots too well, getting a fever and sick in the middle of the night (right on me, by the way. Thanks so much!) and blew out several diapers (again on me, double thanks!) so he's still a bit cranky. He was very into watching Kaeden play with the golf clubs this morning, and loves to watch Kaeden do anything.

Kaeden loves to play with Kai, or help change his diaper or feed him. We are trying to start rice cereal again, which still isn't going well, but Kaeden is a big help, making Kai laugh so I can get the spoon in. They love to make faces at each other, which is a kick to watch.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

October is...

Finally a good weather month! It's getting so that you can actually set foot outside during daylight hours and not melt in 5 seconds! That means more trips to the park, my boys favorite thing (and mine too!).

This last week we went several times, either just our family or with other. Nothing beats letting the kids run themselves ragged for the evening!

Kaeden is a ball-crazy kid. He points them out everywhere, stops dead when he sees them on tv, will look through any book that has them for ever, and will even try and imitate the football games on tv. It was so great to run around the park with him and his soccer ball.

This was Kai's first contact with grass. Not as dramatic as Kaeden's, who wouldn't put his legs down for anything. Kai is way more laid back, just a 'this is different, whatever' attitude. Makes life very easy!

We did put him in the park swing, which he wasn't too sure about, but after about five minutes, this was all he thought...