Monday, March 30, 2009

Pack n Play

We as parents are a little behind on all the latest gear for our son. Kaeden hasn't been able to roll over on his own accord yet, but he's great at rocking back and forth, and recently took a header off the couch, so we decided a pack n play was a necessity. We got one and love it! He can roll around to his hearts content, and won't fall off anything, loves to spend about 20 minutes on his belly grabbing stuff, and there's a ton of new toys we've pulled out for him to play with while in there. Kevin is even trying to get him to stand on his own.

Kaeden has also begun teething, two little white nubs have popped up on his lower gums (sharp little buggers!) and we've started him on babyfood. He gets a new vegetable every week (butternut squash is this weeks flavor), and I mix it in with his rice cereal. Mostly he just spits it back out, but today he actually started opening his mouth when the spoon touched it and swallowed most of it! My little boy is growing up...Now I need to get a high chair! ...sigh... babies have so many accessories!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Bolsas de Peru!

My dad took another trip to Peru with his kids from Spanish this year. When he asked if I wanted anything, I told him a cute baby hat for Kaeden. I should know my father better than to ask for just one little thing, especially for his first grandchild! He found a few he liked and instead of choosing which one he liked best, he bought them all. They were all so cute, I'm sure I would have done the same thing. So, yesterday Kevin helped me pose Kaeden with all his new hats - he's got quite the collection, though only 2 actually fit his huge dome!

The army hat is one that I got at WallyWorld, Kaeden needed one for when we go outside - the sun is just so bright, and I thought he should get something cool to wear!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Grandma Great!!

Hooray for Great Grandparents! Kaeden's Grandma Great is in town this week on her annual Vegas trip, and of course wanted to see him. She wrote him the cutest email inviting him (and his parents if he wanted) to dinner Monday night. He of course said he would go, as he hadn't seen Grandma Great since he was a week old.

She's staying at the Orleans, so Kaeden and his parents met her at the front door, and boy, was she surprised to see how big he's gotten!

They all went to dinner at TGI Friday's and he impressed everyone by sitting in a highchair for the first time (as he still can't sit up by himself. He was very intent on the table menu, so it looked like he was a big boy, reading and ordering himself!

All the waitresses loved to stop by and say hello, and of course Kaeden smiled back, and Grandma Great was so distracted by him making faces, laughing and such, that dinner was longer than usual! :-)

Kaeden is always good in public, he's such a people watcher, and with the casino he had tons of lights to watch, so when the adults were finally finished with dinner and went to Grandma Great's room to visit, he was content to sit in his chair and watch. When we got to the room Grandma Great played and played with him, til he ate his own dinner and went to sleep. It was so fun to see her again, and we hope she enjoys the rest of her stay here in Vegas!