Sunday, August 8, 2010

Picture Fun

Random pictures from this week.

With the house all scattered due to our remodeling, the xbox migrated from our bedroom to the living room. As Kevin has been playing, Kaeden naturally took and interest, so he got the old controller to use.

Kaeden's room is one that is torn up, so he and Kevin have been camping out in the livingroom. This makes naptime and bedtime a little more crazy, as we can't just put him down in a seperate room. so he finds the most unlikely places to go to sleep.

As people send gifts for Kai, Kaeden has gotten a few things too. This is a great little outfit from our good friends Matt and Robin. I love the shorts, they're so golfer! ( I also get a kick out of Kaeden's mad face, he hates to smile for the camera at times, and it took a couple minutes just to get him to turn around for this shot, made me chuckle).

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I've been taking tons of videos of Kaeden, and am just now getting to posting them. I have to laugh, now that I'm editing them for the blog, I've noticed that Kai is sleeping in the swing in the background everytime! Ha ha ha. See if you can catch a glimpse :-)

First video - Kaeden loves our dog Tok, and his latest game is to take the kibble out of his food dish, run somewhere in the house and try to hide them from him, seeing if he finds it. Fortunately, Tok is usually right on his heels and Kaeden never goes far, but it's a different spot each day!

Second video - Kaeden also loves to play with our phones, which is how mine got broken. He gets the broken one to use, and I came out of my room one day to find this...

Think I walk around much while on the phone? :-P

Third video - As every kid does, he loves cookies. So I thought a lesson was in order.

You can't help but love this little guy! He makes everyday things hilarious.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer Fun

Oh how our days are filled...our good friend Evan comes over to play in the mornings. We are slowly learning how to share our toys and not hit. Both boys are fun to watch, as Kaeden tries to show how he plays and Evan wanting to check out the differences in toys and houses. The piano is always a big hit.

Evan is almost the same age, so sometimes the tempers flair, but the dog is always a good way to make both boys happy and forget the fight!

Kaeden loves to stir the pots on the stove. He is always dragging a chair over to see what is up there, ready for him to put in motion. I have found I am baking and cooking a lot more, so he can have lots of stir-time. Maybe he's part chef...

Kai is also making new friends. My old college roomie, Danielle, and her two kids were in town not too long ago. She had her second a few weeks back, so we had to share our precious little ones with each other! Her little Nora has the most expressive face, and is always smiling! Here they were paci buddies!

Kai is getting so big! I can't believe he is almost 3 months old already. He is very observant of the world around him, starting to reach out towards toys, smiles at everything, likes to coo at you, and is the squirmiest little thing ever! I think he's gonna be a runner the way he's always kicking those legs out! He is such a good baby, whoever said that if the first is a good one the second won't be, didn't have my genes :-)