Sunday, August 30, 2009


Going back to school was difficult this year, as I had all summer with Kaeden and didn't want to leave him. However, I've lucked out and had the best sitters volunteer to take him, and Kaeden has loved every minute. He's been making friends left and right. Today at church he saw the Thomas', who have 4 little kids all under five years of age and he just loves. When he saw them he was so excited and crawled right over to play. He also saw his good buddy Luke (Nate & Jaime's son) and wanted to play with him, too. I get the biggest kick out of how excited he is when he sees his friends, and we're making more as we go. As Kaeden and Luke were playing at church today, another baby crawled over to play, too. We've already started setting up playdates so the boys can play and play.

Last night we were invited to watch the UFC fight at yet another friends' house. Cayson is 3 months older than Kaeden and just had his birthday party, and one of his gifts was a miniature ball pit. It was the hit of the night with the boys! Cayson likes to climb all around and jump into the pit, Kaeden was content to just surround himself with the balls and chew or throw. It was hilarious to see him lay down on his back, arms and legs sprawled, and close his eyes with the biggest grin on his face!! Below is the video of them playing...

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Hooray for football season! We're getting Kaeden started good and young (sorry to Kevin and his Vikings!)

Split the uprights!!

Practicing our dive into the endzone.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

End of Summer

Sigh...the only way to know that the summer has been a good one is by how fast it has gone by, and this one flew! It was so nice to be able to stay home with Kaeden, to visit my folks in Montana and just have family time all around. Now that school is starting again, I thought I'd post some favorite pics from the summer and some recent ones of Kaeden playing...

I love this pic, if you look closely, you can see his two top teeth and four bottoms! A rare sighting to see all six.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Curly Top

Okay,so maybe I have a bit too much time on my hands, but Kaeden and I have been playing this evening and we had some girly-hair-time. You all know that I've got naturally curly hair (thanks mom!!) and Kaeden got the hair, too. Usually I brush it strait after a bath, but when he's hot the back curls right up. I got curious, and pulled out my mousse and gel, and this is what we got...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Best

Normally I go through Kaeden's closet on a regular basis, keeping his clothing sizes up to date. Over the summer, however, I've been letting him crawl around in just a diaper, and so my clothes-awareness has been a little lax. As today was Sunday, I was excited to be able to dress him in a cute argile sweater outfit, only to put it on and discover I'd waited too long. He could wear it today, but after that I'd have to pack Kevin pulled out the camera and snapped some picks, so we could share the limited-time cuteness with everyone.

I just noticed that with the brown of his pants and the brown of the wall, and the large lapels (cuz I couldn't button the shirt all the way up, it was too small) he totally looks like he was born in the 70's! Now I have to pull out pics of Kevin going to church as a baby and see how it matches!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Beautiful Day

I've been thinking of doing a little gardening ever since I saw mom's flowers on our Montana trip, and today was the day! Went to Home Depot, got some flowers that do well in the desert heat and spent the afternoon turning dirt and planting. It's no Bellagio Conservatory, but it's a little something to make the front of my house look nice. And today was a little cooler, so Kaeden and I sat out on the front stoop afterwards and watched the cars drive by, he with paci in hand and me with otter pop. What a good day!!