Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hmm...let's see

Kaeden is such a great little helper. Usually it's helping me to clean or cook or change 'brother' (as Kai is called) but lately he wants to help Kai as he is playing with more and more toys. It's so funny to hear him talk to Kai as he 'explains' how a toy works. We pulled out the Baby Einstein exer-saucer (because Kai loves to bounce!) and Kaeden had to give directions. His favorite phrase lately is 'hmmm...let's see..." as he makes a choice in something. Can you hear it?

Getting so good at talking!!

With fall comes sports, and our little Kaeden is quite the athletic little guy. He had started to find random items around the house to use as a baseball bat (paper towel roll, bubble wand, etc) so I decided a tee ball set was definately in order. He took to it like a duck to water.

Now when I come home from work he pulls me out back saying, "Side? Ball? Side? Shoes? Pweeese?" How can one say no?!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Boys

I love having my two little boys. Kaeden is so much fun to play with, and his talking is getting better all the time. He can imitate almost any phrase you say, and is really good at saying football, ball, sit, side (outside), shoes, milk, juice, brother, hello, e-i-e-i-o, yeah and no. He loves to help with his brother, changing diapers and throwing them away, shaking the bottle to mix it, bringing a toy to play with. Sometimes sharing is not so great, but he is learning to take turns.

Kai is growing so fast! I can't believe he is already four months old. He is smiling all the time, is almost rolling over onto his tummy, loves to reach for and play with toys (hanging above him or keys) and is now starting to 'talk'. His favorite thing is to watch his brother, and he smiles at Kaeden's antics all the time.

I've been trying so hard to nurse this time around, and have been doing okay until I went back to school. I've had to supplement with one formula bottle since Kai was born, but now it's more and more formula and I can't keep up with just a pump at school. Kai is also still up 2-3 times a night, so I decided to start Kai on rice cereal...

After this, I just put it in his bottle. He's only been up once at night now, so we'll see if this continues. Kaeden never changed his sleeping habits with the rice cereal in his bottle, but he also ate a ton more than Kai, so maybe this will help. I know I would appreciate a full night's sleep :-)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Friends and Family

Wow, has time gotten away from me. So much has happened in the last month let's see if I can catch you up...

My good friend Meagan from work had a baby the day before I did (it was fun to be pregnant together at school!) and already has another little boy almost Kaeden's age, Cayson. We were finally able to get together for a playdate and to meet each other's little ones.

Kai and Jameson meet


Kaeden loves to go to Cayson's house because they have the ballpit.

And he and Cayson get along really well and are good at playing together. However, we did learn that when they are quiet, it's not a good thing :-) They got lotion everywhere and smelled like peaches all day!!

My parents and brother, Taury, came down for a visit and to meet Kai. They stayed at the Palace Station Casino cuz our house is still under construction, so we got to hit the pool everyday, we visited our favorite restaurant Claim Jumper, and saw an impersonationist show on the strip. They also came to church and Taury was able to bless Kai. They stayed a week and it was the best!

I was so happy that they could come down for Kai's blessing and that Taury could preside over it. They missed Kaeden's, so it was very special this time around. Just as I did with Kaeden, I brought the flipcam and recorded from the back of the chapel...

After my family left Kevin's dad, Keith, rolled through town. He was helping Kevin's sister, Lisa, move across country (she's a Marine and moved from San Diego to Virginia). He was nice enough to bring some Alaskan moose and salmon for us, and got to play with the boys, too.

I was very sorry to see everyone leave, we all have so much fun, but it was a great way to end the summer.