Monday, September 21, 2009


I love the weekend...just wish it would come more often! Kaeden makes being home very fun. Friday night he had a hard time napping in the afternoon, he just wanted to walk around and play. By 7 pm he was a zombie, but trying so hard to stay awake. Finally he crashed out on the couch...

Saturday was UFC fight night, so we headed over to Lewis' aka Ballpit House! Kaeden had so much fun, again, in the ballpit but also following his good buddy Cayson around and eating crackers. Interesting note...he doesn't like pizza :-(

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Aha Moment...

Why my students are so wacky -

Scenario #1
Classroom conversation:

In science class, there is a human skull on display.

Students ask about, teacher tells how it is a real skull from the ill-fated Donner Party who almost perished in the mountains. Only survivors resorted to cannibalism to do so. Students grossed out, topic dropped.

Parent phone call:

Mother calls absolutely livid -

"My son tells me that the skull of Jeffery Dahmer is in your science class!! Do you know that human spirits live in the skull after death and his evil spirit will possess the students?! GET RID OF THE SKULL!!"

Teacher tries to explain it's a DONNER skull not DAHMER to no avail.

Scenario #2
Classroom conversation:

Mayan calendar is on display.

Students ask about, teacher explains how the Mayans were great mathematicians and calendar was very accurate. So mathematical that they also calculated that the end of the world would happen in 2012. Students laugh about Armageddon-like end of world, topic dropped.

Parent phone call:

Mother calls absolutely livid -

"My daughter told me that her history teacher is telling them the end of the world is coming in 2012 and how they need to commit suicide. WHY ARE YOU TEACHING SUICIDE?"

Teacher makes mental note - NO MORE ITEMS ON DISPLAY!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Kruisin Kaeden

For the past several weeks, Kaeden has been getting more and more comfortable walking on his own. Kevin and I will practice with him, sending him back and forth between us, but usually he get tired quickly. He's more interested in getting somewhere crawling or hanging on to the furniture, although he hardly needs it.

Yesterday, we all went to a dinner with some other families in our ward that have kids all about the same age. There were four families altogether, and the oldest 2 kids were 4 years old. Throughout the night all our kids were really good at playing with each other, and we were so happy to see this. Then the 4 year olds started racing from one room to the next. As they were good at running around the younger kids, we adults didn't mind much. Kaeden got a huge kick out of watching the races, he thought they were so funny. Then he tried to join was hilarious to watch him, huge grin on his face, trying to toddle as fast as he could after the older kids. I was amazed to see him let go of all furniture, both hands up in the air for balance, toddling away. I was a complete bonehead and forgot to grab the camera for this dinner, but I got some video of Kaeden today here at home...I can't believe my baby is now a toddler!! :-)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Doings

What a great weekend - to be able to have all 3 of us together and just relax. Most of it I slept through, but today we wanted to take a family trip. We haven't done many car trips with Kaeden, so we thought it would be fun to head down to Hoover Dam, maybe farther into Arizona to Kingman, spend the day touring around. Didn't quite turn out according to play, though.

One thing about Hoover Dam - it's the only way into Arizona until the big bridge project is finished, so traffic can be horrendous. Today we were hoping most people wouldn't be there, but we were wrong. Besides the 30 minutes it takes to drive there, we found a 45 minute wait to get to the dam, let alone find a parking space and walk the dam, so we turned around.

We pulled over in Boulder City at the A & W for a rootbeer float instead

then headed to the park to cool off and have our family day. It was only 90 out so in the shade it was nice to sit and play. Kaeden sill doesn't like to be on the grass much

but once he found he could climb Mount Daddy, he enjoyed the park, too.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ahhh...the joys of summer

One of the best parts of living in Las Vegas is all the pools! Tons of people we know have them in their yards (I wish we did!!). This last Tuesday our neighbor girl was having a back-to-school-pool-party, and we were invited. Kaeden LOVES to splash in the water. This neighbor is one of his sitters, and they sit him on the top step and he laughs and splashes to his hearts' content. We went to the party, and got to video him enjoying the water.