Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Fun

Happy Father's Day! As we are adding to our family and they are getting older (well, one is anyway) Father's Day becomes more fun. It was a low-key morning, just playing and watching cartoons, then I took the boys and headed to church. This gives Kevin the afternoon to himself...a Father's Day treat!

I was a little nervous about going to church, it was my first time back since Kai was born, but I should have known that it would all go smoothly. There are so many wonderful people in the ward willing to help, and Kaeden feels a part of my good friend Liz's family already, so he just heads right to them! Sacrament meeting went by really fast, and Kaeden was off to nursery, where they made little gifts for their fathers. It was a pocket (jean) full of hugs and kisses for their dads :-)

We came home to get Kevin and do Father's Day gifts. His real gift will be the new iphone, but it doesn't come out until Thursday. About a month ago Kevin dropped his in water, ruining it (so if you've tried to call and no response, sorry!) Normally people get in touch with Kevin through me, but Kaeden broke my phone too (literally, he snapped it in half) so we ran to the store to get a go-phone to replace our cell phones.

Back home, Kaeden gave dad the card...

and his pocket of hugs and kisses...

then the final gift - an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen!

and it wasn't my intention to get the cake to match Kevin's shirt :-)

Kaeden told me his list of favorite things to do with his dad:

- sumo wrestle
- play catch
- swing
- chase around the house
- be flipped around
- play on the computer
- steal dad's seat
- sharing dad's cereal
- helping to put on dad's shoes

Thank you Kevin for being such a great dad! We love you!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day, too.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Too Hot!

So the last couple days have been ridiculously hot! We are setting records for hitting 110 degrees early in the summer. Kaeden has been wanting to play outside, and I've just not been able to stand the heat, so I went and got a little wading pool. Talk about one of the best things ever! I remember them being the best when I was little, I think they're even better now :-)

Needless to say, Kaeden's schedule is now get up, eat breakfast and watch some cartoons (blueberries and yogurt today),

go and swing before it's too hot, have a popsicle and a nap, change into swimsuit and eat lunch, then go play in the pool all afternoon.

At first he just threw his balls in it, played with the hose, splashed around a little. Then I moved the slide over to end in the pool and he fell in love...

He spent all afternoon going down the slide, giggling his head off. We also snacked while we goofy kid wanted grapes to snack on instead of popsicles.

I think that so long as we've got the pool, this summer is gonna be a good one!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Days...

So here it is, 25 days in to being a Mom of 2, and while they are sleeping I am blogging instead of napping myself. But they are such cute kids, I gotta share them!
Here are some pics of Kaeden and Kai from the last month...

Napping together on the couch

Already independent :-)

Always one hand poking out

Trying to figure out this potty thing...

I helped make it in this, I wanna eat out of this...

Gotta be talkin' to all my peeps

Having two has been a lot harder and a lot better than I ever imagined. Hard because I have two that need attention, are demanding, are crying and the diapers...holy cow! (note to self - DO NOT have another kid until the first two are POTTY TRAINED :-) Better because I have two that love to play with me, be held by me, kiss me, need me.

I have run through all emotions imaginable - frustrated and tired at 3 in the morning, 4 in the morning, 5 in the morning :-) like a blob cuz I'm constantly on the couch nursing, like a horrible mother cuz one is crying while the other gets my attention, horribly irritated and upset that Kevin gets to sleep through the night, ashamed that I think that of my husband cuz I know he needs the sleep for work while I can nap the next day, angry cuz my tummy isn't healed yet and stupid things like bending over still give me trouble, dirty cuz my house is dirty since I still can't bend over to pick things up, wonderful cuz Kaeden loves to give me kisses and help with his brother, loved cuz Kaeden and Kai love to cuddle in my lap to go to sleep at night, giddy cuz Kevin calls me when he gets bored at work and gives long hugs when he finally gets to come home at the end of the day, grateful to all my friends who help by having Kaeden over to play, happy when Kaeden pulls me by my pointer finger out to the swing so I can push him, blessed when I look at all my boys together and see how happy we are, no matter what the house looks like or that I've not showered in 2 days.

Okay, long paragraph, but that's the gist of this last month. It has been hard, but now that I'm getting used to new schedules and catching up on sleep it's starting to be fun. I'm so glad I've got such great boys.