Saturday, March 10, 2012

Kaeden's First Talk

Kaeden is officially a Sunbeam at church (the 3-4 year old Sunday School class). Although the first day was difficult, he didn't want to leave the nursery with all the toys, he loves it now, always asking if it's time to go to 'Sunbeans' after we take the Sacrament.

This last month, all the Sunbeams were asked to participate in Primary, giving talks, saying the theme and saying the prayers. Kaeden was asked to give a talk, and so I put together a little poem with some pictures and we practiced saying it to Daddy and Kai. On the Sunday he was to speak, we even left Sacrament Meeting a little early so he could stand at the podium and practice. I thought he'd have a hard time getting up in front of everyone, talking into the mic, but boy, did he love every second of it! He knew just what to do, climbing right up the steps, adjusting the mic and took right off with his talk. Our practice session was great, and I got it, as well as the actual talk, on video :-)

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Random life

I have been enjoying my last 2 weeks with the boys, on Christmas Break. It will be very hard to have to go back to work next week. Bleh. We have spent ample time playing with puzzles and fishing, and of course saving the world with the Power Rangers :-)

Couple catch up videos. First, Kai. He's been growing up so fast lately. Here is a compilation of his learning to eat with utinsels.

He loves to play with balls, just like Kaeden did, and he's getting very good at catching and throwing.

Then today, I was cleaning, doing laundry and changing sheets, and the boys were always around to help. They LOVE to jump on the bed, and when I pulled Kai's bed up to change the sheets, I couldn't help but throw it on the floor to see what they would do. Little did I know it would be the hit maneuver of the morning!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

It's been a few months since Halloween and Kaeden's birthday, but what a fast few months! Been gearing up for Christmas in a couple ways, the ward party, the Santa Train, lots of classic Christmas movies, and of course, shopping! I was excited cuz the boys are old enough to start to understand, and with this on the heels of Kaeden's birthday, they are all about opening presents!

For the Ward Party, we had a pj night! I thought it was a great idea. Kai was sick, so he stayed home with Kevin, but Kaeden had a great time running around and even got up on stage with the Primary kids to sing! He didn't actually sing, he just sat down, but it's a good experience because in January he starts Sunbeams!

We also got to go back to the trains down in Boulder City. The Santa Train came to town! The boys had a great time riding, although there wasn't an open car this time, so looking out the window isn't as fun with no wind in your hair.

With all this as a precursor to Christmas, the boys knew who Santa was, and definately had a feel for presents. Luckily, we didn't have to get up any earlier than usual (6:30 ha ha ha) and here is their Christmas morning...

We also got a fishing game, which I can see will quickly become a Saturday morning staple!

We haven't stopped playing with the Power Rangers or the robots, and thanks to everyone who sent presents, the boys go the rounds from toy to toy, and have a great time with each one.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Kaeden's 3rd Birthday

How fast time truly does fly! My little man is 3 years old!

At 3 - Kaeden is talking like crazy, but still a little muffled in pronunciation, so we have a great time listening to his conversations. He loves robots, trains, cars, Power Rangers, dinosaurs, balls of any kind, reading, running, and playing outside. He is a great helper, putting clothes away, bringing wipes for brother, stirring food, putting dishes away, and anything else he can do. Coloring is now getting interesting, and we're working on our letters and numbers. He's such a happy little kid, we love you buddy!

We had a great time playing at the park, eating pizza and cupcakes, and opening gifts. Thanks to everyone who sent cards and came - we are blessed!

Party Video

After Party Presents

After Party Baseball Game

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Spring Break, Part 1

Wow! Where did my summer go? Already I'm back at work, and so behind in posting it's not funny! Let's back track a bit and start with the Spring Break Trip with my students from school. We were so lucky to be able to go, and had such a great group to go with. Here are some highlights from the first stop: BOSTON!

A little commentary- we started with the Granary Cemetary, the Old South Meeting house where the Boston Massacre took place, then hit the USS Constitution, and Fenway Park from a distance (we tried to go to the game, but it didn't work out, boo). It was crazy cold (60 ha ha) so the kids bought a lot of warm clothes and were good sports in posing for crazy pics. We saw the North Square, full of original cobblestones that acted as ballast as the Pilgrims and such travelled to the New World, and where Paul Revere's silver smithing shop is. Then his statue and the Old North Church, and the window the lantern hanger jumped out to escape being captured by the British soldiers. Bunker Hill monument, with its 294 feet to the top, but a great view! Battle green for Lexington and Concord's minutemen, the Shot Heard Round the World down to the Old North bridge, where the British were turned back.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kai Turns 1!

I can't believe how fast one year can go! Already my little baby is one. We had a simple party at the park today, and although it was windy, we all had a great time with watermelon, pizza, cake, and slides, slides, slides. He took a bit of a nap right in the middle, so we had to wait a bit to do the cake and presents, but all turned out just great. He wasn't hesitant at all to get his hands or face dirty (Kaeden still refuses to eat cake with his hands, has to be with a fork!).

Kai's favorite things as a 1-year-old:

1. Slides! Always climbing the one here at the house and whenever we are at the park, that's all he wants to do.

2. Balls. Any kind, he pushes them around on the floor, scooting after. He's also learning how to play catch.

3. Butt-scooting. Although we are working on him walking, crawling was not on his list, he just butt-scoots around.

4. The bath. Both my boys come running (scooting in his case) when that water turns on.

5. Milk. He transitioned from formula as fast as Kaeden did and loves that sippy cup better than real food.

6. Pretzels. He is a very picky eater, but goes for that bag faster than you can blink!

7. Grapes. Both my boys are big fruit eaters, but Kai is picky, snubbing peaches and pears for the grapes every time.

8. Books. He loves to flip the pages and feel the textures of the baby books. He will sit very well in my lap and listen to me read to Kaeden at night.

9. Cuddling. He is my snuggle baby! Always wants to be held by me, or sitting on my lap. He does NOT handle anyone else being in my lap well at all.

10. Pots and pans. He loves to take the lids in is hands and scoot along the floor, or bang them together.

11. Kaeden. Nothing makes Kai laugh faster than watching Kaeden do anything. He bounces up and down and just giggles whenever Kaeden comes running by or sliding by or swinging by or...

12. Peek-a-boo. Whenever his face is covered or you pop up from somewhere, he just giggles and giggles.

Kai James, we are so happy to have you in the family! Thanks for making us smile! Love you baby!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Break Update

Was a chaperone for a school trip to the historical sites on the East Coast for break. Pictures to follow...